Xzibit Malta - A Social Enterprise

Being a Social Enterprise, Team Xzibit Malta were required to compile a 4 minute video highlighting the social aspect of our service. Watch Now!»

Xzibit Malta working with 'Auction for St. Joseph'

'Auction for St. Joseph' is a project in aid of children which are less privileged and dream for a brighter future. Help make this dream come true! Read More»

Team Xzibit prepare for European Finals

As the European Finals approach, Team Xzibit are eager to get going and show off their full potential as the representatives of Malta. Just a few days remain as everything is being polished up and prepared for the grand finals! Read More»

Xzibit Malta is a web based service offering artists, photographers and musicians the chance to subscribe, upload and expose their work. As a Young Enterprise Social Company it is our aim to help you  get noticed and to provide an added boost. So whether you are young or old, amateur or professional, sign up now and enjoy this free service. Xzibit Malta also organises a number of events and showcases, once again, helping to generate awareness for local talent.

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